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Extensive range of beverages.
House Wines
Pierre Javert White (Medium dry) 75cl £9.95, by the 175ml glass £2.75
Pierre Javert Red (Soft and medium bodied) 75cl £9.95, by the 175ml glass £2.75
Muscadet Sur Lie (Light, perfumed white with crisp fruity aromas) £14.95 per 75cl bottle
Chablis A.C (A deep crisp wine with excellent frit and acidity) £18.95 per 75cl bottle
Beaujolais Villages (Light and fruity red made from the gamay grape) £15.75 per 75cl bottle
Chateauneuf Du Pap (Rich, full bodied red with soft fruit flavours) £23.95 per 75cl bottle
Piesporter Michelsberg (Medium dry, aromatic and fruity) £11.95 per 75cl bottle
Trebbiano (Light, dry and fruity white produced in Tuscany) £11.95 per 75cl bottle
Soave Classico (Fresh, smooth white with strong fruit flavours) £11.95 per 75cl bottle
Chianti (Fruity with a lively tang) £13.75 per 75cl bottle
Valpolicella Classico (Ripe cherry flavours with a hint of almonds) £21.25 per 75cl bottle
Rioja Reserva (Smooth, silky red with vanilla overtones) £19.95 per 75cl bottle
Rioja White (Full flavoured with soft fruit and good acidity) £15.75 per 75cl bottle
Mateus Rose (Ever popular brand, medium dry) £14.95 per 75cl bottle
Dao Reserva (Rich, full flavour with a smooth finish) £13.95 per 75cl bottle
Chardonnay (Melon and peach flavours with a touch of oak) £12.95 per 75cl bottle
Shiraz / Cabernet (Soft and ripe fruit with very little tannin) £12.95 per 75cl bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon (Typical black berry fruit with cedar box aromas) £12.95 per 75cl bottle
Sauvignon Blanc (Cean crisp flavour with hints of gooseberry and apple) £12.95 per 75cl bottle
South Africa
Pinotage (Full bodied, deep garnet colour with a ripe berry fruit) £13.95 per 75cl bottle
Chenin Blanc (Light, floral characteristics with clean and fresh acidity) £12.95 per 75cl bottle
Empire Zest (A citrus and lime nose with a spicy, rounded flavour) £14.95 per 75cl bottle
Epoch 1 Red - limited quantity (A blend of pinot noir and dornfelder, soft berry flavours) £13.95 per 75cl bottle
Amour De Paris - Dry (A citrus and lime nose with spicy, rounded flavour) £14.95 per 75cl bottle
Moet & Chandon £36.95 per 75cl bottle
Veuve Clicquot NV £39.95 per 75cl bottle
Bollinger NV £42.95 per 75cl bottle
Bottled Carlsberg Lager £2.50 330ml
Bottled IPA Bitter £3.95 660ml
Bottled Bangla Beer £2.50 330ml / £4.95 660ml
Bottled Budweiser £2.50 330ml
Bottled Cider £2.50 330ml
Bottled Low Alcohol Lager £2.50 330ml
Bottled Kingfisher £2.50 330ml / £5.00 660ml
Bottled Cobra £2.50 330ml / £5.00 660ml
Smirnoff Ice £2.50 275ml
Whisky £1.95 per 25ml
Jameson (Irish Whisky) £1.95
Brandy £2.25 per 25ml
Vodka £1.95 per 25ml
Campari £1.95 per 25ml
Cinzano £1.95 per 50ml
Port £1.95 per 50ml
Southern Comfort £2.10
Pernod £1.95 per 25ml
Gin £1.95 per 25ml
Bacardi £1.95 per 25ml
Archers £1.95 per 25ml
Martini £1.95 per 50ml
Malibu £1.95 per 25ml
Lassie (Yoghurt Drink) £1.75
Coca Cola / Diet Coke £1.25
Perrier Water / Still Water £1.25
Orange Juice £1.25
Pineapple Juice £1.25
Tonic Water £1.25
Lemonade £1.25
Bitter Lemon £1.25
American Dry £1.25
Blackcurrant Juice £1.25
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